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Please check back for updates, as we are constantly adding more information. 


Where can I find the latest news and updates about SendOutCards?

You can find out everything you need to know about what's going on with SendOutCards by visiting the Official SendOutCards Blog at: www.sendoutcards.com/blog. Our corporate blog serves as centralized communication hub for everything happening at SendOutCards.



Can the SendOutCards app be used to send cards internationally?

Unfortunately at this time, no. Anyone in the world may use the app itself, but cards can only be sent to recipients who have an address in the United States. 




For information on the Certified Training Program Recertification, please check out the CT Program Recertification section of our FAQs before calling support.




We have added two new FAQ's pertaining to refunding marketing materials:

What is the refund policy for business tools?

The objective of our business tools is to present the SendOutCards opportunity and marketing plan. We strive to keep each business tool up-to-date with any changes made to our opportunity or marketing plan. Accordingly, tools are subject to being changed or discontinued without prior notice to our distributors. For this reason, distributors can receive a refund or exchange on any business tools that have undergone major changes within 30 days of their purchase date.

Tools must be unused and mailed to SendOutCards before a refund or exchange is given. For further questions please speak to a support representative.




What is the refund policy for SOCBoxes?

We have been offering a partial refund of SOCBoxes upon being shipped to the SendOutCards office. After May 1, 2013 (approximately 2 years after these boxes were removed from purchase), we will no longer be offering any form of refund. Codes may still be used to create pre-paid retail accounts. 




New Tracking System in Beta

As was announced at the 2012 The Future Is Now Convention, we are testing a new tracking system for all mailed cards. Beginning on June 28, you will see the word "Auto" printed at the bottom of your envelopes in small lettering as a necessary part of this new tracking process. Please note that tracking information will be made available to customers and distributors after extensive, internal testing of the tracking system is complete. We will let everyone know when this is made available. 




Card Campaign and Adding New Contact Error

If someone attempts to send a campaign the same time they are adding a new contact, they will receive an error showing an incorrect point balance, and the card(s) will not be sent.

Work Around: When adding a new contact or editing a contact, save the information first and then send the campaign. This is done by clicking "Send Campaign” as opposed to "Send Card” "Save & Send Card" or "Save.”